Texas Heat vs Seattle Rain: My Personal Experience as a Seattleite

Benjamin and his dog, Washburn portraitComing from Seattle, my roots have always been intertwined with a gloomy sky and a damp chill. Our grandson Benjamin, stuck inside, would sit with his elbows on the windowsill, chin in his hands, and ask our daughter, "Why is it raining again, Mommy?"

Then we moved to Texas, where playing outside is taken for granted all year long. Imagine trading Seattle's frigid three-month-long night for the endless sun of the Lone Star State. Quite a leap, right? "Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get". - Mark Twain

Breakfast on the Porch Is Real

Indeed, it's a colossal shift, one I have found to be utterly transformative. Picture this: stepping out each morning into a blanket of warmth. There's something magical about Texas mornings that simply steals your breath away. Our little chihuahua enjoys chasing a ball through the grass with Benjamin every morning. As for air conditioning, it's as ubiquitous as the sun here - at home, in the grocery store, and even in our truck.

Of course, no place is truly flawless, Texas included. But witnessing flowers and vegetables bloom under the sun all year round, it's like a glimpse of Eden. Deciding to exchange grey skies for ninety-plus more days of sunshine per year wasn't easy, but it's a leap I've taken with open arms.

Pick Any Weekend

6Benjamin climpingwallExperiencing Texas is like stepping into a new world. The unending sunshine was an unknown luxury to any Seattleite. We still marvel over a solid week of sun. The impact it has on my daily life is profound. And I can't help but question how I ever lived without this. I realize I've made excuses for Seattle's dark months all my life, not realizing there was another way to live. Outdoor sports take place all over Texas neighborhoods all year, whereas activity inside indoor gyms is the norm in Seattle.

After countless summers in Seattle, where a solid week of '80s temperatures was a late August treat, I'm now basking in an unlimited true "summer feeling". Back in Seattle, looking forwards to a sunny weekend was a reason to celebrate! Waking up to sun rays dancing across my bedroom is pure joy. Here, the reliable sun still brings the same excitement, maybe even more. Planning a day on the shores of a warm lake is a family treat! I can't deny, I still feel that thrill as I look forward to yet another week of sunshine. If we now experience a streak of clouds, we grumble and complain about it loudly.

Enjoying Year-Round Barbecues

As we fondly recall those Western Washington camping trips which were often concluded by returning home with drenched sleeping bags, we find ourselves catching up on a lot of lost summers. Grilling adventures happen all the time here. Trips to local lakes and splash pads always deliver a pleasantly warm relief, versus a cold shock! Each evening, we get to relish warm, tropical evenings and watch, with a sense of deep gratitude, as Benjamin grows under the resplendent Texas sunshine.

The sun indeed has made it all a breeze.

"Me, to wife this morning: “Only 65 today!!! I’m sick of this cold crap, bring on the 80’s!”
Me, two years ago (in Normandy Park): “Ohhhh, it’s going to be 65 today, besides walking the dogs, what are we going to do today!?”"

- quoted from Seattle to Texas Express!!! Facebook Group - Shane Savery

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