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A good buyer's specialist can help new buyers successfully purchase their first home.

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Today's Snohomish County Real Estate market is fast paced. The best bargains are never advertised, sell in less than 5 days and the "for sale" sign is still up even though the home sold 3 weeks ago. Why? Due to the computer data-base, of course. All agents have instant access to houses listed for sale with the multiple listing service. Under our personal codes, clients are listed by their needs and matched up automatically to properties. Each day we scan our e-mail for new listings & price reductions. We love to hear your NEW IDEAS. Be prepared for multiple choice questions! Expand your thinking! We are determined OUR LOYAL CLIENTS will be first to view the latest and greatest.

Shop for the RIGHT realtor! Realtors must be PATIENT because we know the home buying process can take 6 months. In order to know all of our market, we must also SHOP THE NEWSPAPER ADS placed by owners, hoping their homes are reasonably priced, even offering market information to encourage them to allow agents to view their homes. We know they normally wind up with a real estate agent after trying it on their own for awhile! After all, when the pound of paperwork for the PURCHASE AND SALE IS NEGOTIATED, who will help hold this transaction together? (There is usually some glitch that needs to be overcome.) The CALM third party Realtor acts to ease the strain on a seller-buyer relationship.

Your busy lender may need a nudge! This season, you may find your 30 day closing has been extended to 45+ days. You have jumped through hoops in a hurry for him, but now they're not returning calls like you expect. Behind the scenes, you are wondering, "What happens next?" Who do you TALK to about it? The Realtor you've come to trust, and who is trusted by your Lender as well. By the time you're moved into your new home, you should be ready to RECOMMEND YOUR REALTOR & Your Lender to your friends and relatives! In fact, it would be our pleasure to throw a house warming party for you and invite them all.

Let's list your home right.


Everett, Washington's roots go back to the days of big timber, and big dreams. The rich timber resources of the Pacific Northwest brought in skilled woodsmen from all across the nation, and they found ready employment and adventure in Washington's big woods. One of these was my great grandfather, who left Minnesota forests to work and establish a family in Everett, WA.

Incorporated May 4th, 1893, the Everett waterfront was soon clogged with floating logs, as timber mills readied giant Douglas Fir and Western Cedar logs for transport across the nation via the railroads. Shortly thereafter, several paper mills were built to utilize the ready supply of paper pulp.

Many fishing boats made Everett their home port; arriving with tonnes of salmon from coastal fisheries, leading all the way from Alaska. We still have fish processing happening along the waterfront, but it's a smaller version of the industry that built once the city.

Everett still draws new residents, now with an eye towards working with technology companies, such as Boeing. The wooded hills continue to grow some of the finest timber in the nation, and our salmon is still renowned as world class. Today's dreamers are leaders in technology, engineering, and medicine, while they still take to the deep woods for excellent fishing, boating, and hiking on their off hours. They make their home port the city of Everett, and we hope you will, too.

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1. Your agent will handle all the preparation details for you and take care of appropriate -
 Local newspaper advertising, internet listings, social media advertising, financial proceeds, present your competition, title, flyers, signs, legal disclosures -

2. Help to present Your house with photos on several national and local websites -

 Clean off all those refrigerator notes!
 Look at the trim! What about the front porch and garage?
 Let's spread some bark, weed the garden and remove clutter
 Deep clean behind appliances (why not pay $100 once to have some professional help?)
 What are the most important items to be fixed?
 How can we "stage" the home on a budget?
 Provide the names of competent contractors, inspectors.
 Especially if your property is vacant and you are out of town!

3. Your agent will communicate with everyone--
 You, buyers, other agents, appraisers, inspectors, lenders, escrow

4. Use of the multiple listing service--
 Keybox, computer search, forms, addendums, statistics

5. Explain and educate--
 Relationships between agents and the market, your buyer and you, inspectors, escrow, key exchange

6. Treat everyone with consideration--
 because we know you are living in your home, and it's difficult to have it ready to show all the time.

We look forward to showing your home at it's best.