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Indian Wells Valley
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Good morning! Most of you have heard about the #watercrisis in California. It's a special concern for the residents of the Indian Wells Valley. The local farmers, landowners, and ranchers have a mess on their hands.

There is a courageous lady, Lorry Wagner, who shares the "groundwater truth" through her widely read newsletter. She personally keeps the Valley up to date on every part of the action. I've created a new #Joomla site to share her Indian Wells Valley #Newsletters more effectively.


She may be over 80, but she has more energy than my 7 yr old grandson, Benjamin. She has been my mentor for over 20 years. Her determined volunteerism has made significant progress in the fight to preserve these water rights for our grandchildren.


I'm not yet finished, but your eyes would be very helpful. I'll be working on it all day today. The amount of PDFS and articles to transfer is huge. That's why I choose a Joomla CMS site - it's extremely fast and endlessly expandable.


Your ideas and kind advice are welcome. I'm going to try and catch up with Lorry. She's already created a fresh newsletter to post today.


Indian Wells Valley Water Newsletter

*Art by Stacey Mayer C. 2023.

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