Horseback Riding in Snohomish County
Monroe Family Horse Show

Snohomish County has one of the highest
 numbers of horses per capita of any county in America. A quick visit to the Washington State Fair in Monroe will introduce you to hundreds of horse-loving 4-H boys and girls from Snohomish County. One group meets together at Silvana all year long! The purpose of their club is not perhaps to win ribbons but to ride their horses as much as possible. You can start planning to bring your horse, too!

Arlington is within minutes of The Pilchuck Tree Farm with thousands of acres allowing trail use to horseback riders from young and old. Well-known equestrian groups such as Back Country Horsemen, EquiFriends, and Endurance Loners all flock to The Tree Farm and The Centennial Trail.

The Centennial Trail not only runs north to south from Seattle all the way to the City of Snohomish then eventually reaches the Canadian border. It also connects Arlington to Darrington, allowing direct equestrian access into the Wilderness Areas of the Cascade Mountains, and onto the Cascade Crest Trail from Canada to Mexico.

There are so many equestrian activities, competitions, horse shows, and trail rides taking place in Snohomish County, that it's become a magnet for horse lovers moving to Western Washington from all over the country.
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