1. Your agent will handle all the preparation details for you and take care of appropriate -
 Local newspaper advertising, internet listings, social media advertising, financial proceeds, present your competition, title, flyers, signs, legal disclosures -

2. Help to present Your house with photos on several national and local websites -

 Clean off all those refrigerator notes!
 Look at the trim! What about the front porch and garage?
 Let's spread some bark, weed the garden and remove clutter
 Deep clean behind appliances (why not pay $100 once to have some professional help?)
 What are the most important items to be fixed?
 How can we "stage" the home on a budget?
 Provide the names of competent contractors, inspectors.
 Especially if your property is vacant and you are out of town!

3. Your agent will communicate with everyone--
 You, buyers, other agents, appraisers, inspectors, lenders, escrow

4. Use of the multiple listing service--
 Keybox, computer search, forms, addendums, statistics

5. Explain and educate--
 Relationships between agents and the market, your buyer and you, inspectors, escrow, key exchange

6. Treat everyone with consideration--
 because we know you are living in your home, and it's difficult to have it ready to show all the time.

We look forward to showing your home at it's best.

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