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2Philip Stacey Houston TempleAbout Your Webmaster and her Family

Stacey's horses, animals, and fantasy creatures have appeared online, on the covers of magazines, books, horse show programs, and breed organization publications for over forty years.

She built her first web pages in 1995, and her web career culminated in working with the Google Map World Events Team in Bothell, WA. Several of her Google Maps team members now also call Texas their home.

Her artwork is available as NFTs via the marketplaces on OpenSea and Voice. Her prints, tee-shirts, and other merchandise is available on See the complete catalog of her work by visiting

Stacey and her husband, Philip were both born in Seattle and grew up in Lake City. They raised their family in Snohomish County, and have a deep affection for the people and places of Snohomish, WA. They have four horse-loving daughters, and one grandson, and have semi-retired to Texas.

Stacey has recently launched™ online magazine to promote wonderful art, horses, and western lifestyle featuring fellow artists, breeders, historians, and horse lovers.™ Web Design and HostingStacey Mayer C. 2024
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